Friday, 29 June 2012

Spicy Balsamic Strawberries

It was easy to get carried away picking fruits, especially when the fresh, sun-warmed and luscious strawberries were just begging and teasing us to be picked.
By the end of day, we ended up with a couple of kilos and more.

It seems rather a waste to turn these fresh strawberries into jam since good homemade jams are readily and easily available in most farm shops and delicatessen. Turning them into cakes or puddings may only make me regret eating something so rich.

But here is my favourite way of dishing this fruit and still maintain its freshness.
And I must add, I do find them highly addictive and was only able to stop eating them when my tummy aches.

Toss gently hulled and quartered strawberries with some sugar, aceto balsamico, chopped red chillies and a little sea salt.
Leave to macerate for about 1 hour before serving.


  1. semalam baru duk belek2 strawberry di tesco...makin mahal..last month tgk satu pack rm7...semlm dah naik dkt rm10..dah tu mcm tak berapa fresh..konon2 chek nak buat pavlova...hehe...

    1. Salam Eni,
      Sekarang ni tengah musim strawberry kat sini tapi harga tak juga turun.
      Yumm... pavlova Eni mesti sedap, can't wait to see your pavlova update.