Thursday, 7 June 2012

Spring Luncheon

Table settings

My initial idea was to use some scented Pelargoniums as the centrepiece, but decided against the idea.
I was afraid that the strong citrus smell of the plant may cause havoc and confusion with my guests' sense of smell and their taste buds; which may not be a bad thing, come to think of it...

I'm using my vintage tea set (circa 1927) with vivid blue, green, red and yellow floral motives.
Very much in the mode and influence of Clarice Cliff potteries.

I replaced  the Pelagorniums with Alchemillia cuttings from my garden

Added some sprinkling of pink Dianthus to the lime green Alchemillia


  1. cantik! the table setting ideas :-)

  2. aci sangat la rajinnyaaa..... cantek table scape aci, kalah sandra lee...

    1. Thank you, mami
      kat sini tak dapat tengok Sandra Lee, in fact, aci belum pernah dengaq about Sandra Lee until now...
      aci suka tengok Ina Garten 'cos she's so sweet and aci love, love, love dapoq and garden and rumah dia!