Friday, 27 July 2012

Game On

The long anticipated summer games is finally here!

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The Queen made her acting debut (in a James Bond scene, no less), Mary Poppins outdueled Lord Voldemort’s evil magic, the flame was lit in truly unique fashion – by seven unknowns, no less – and the 2012 Olympic Games were open.
 Even the rain stayed away except for the briefest of showers as London, the first city to host an Olympics on three occasions, set off 17 days of sporting celebration Friday on what can only be described as a resounding victory. 
It wasn't Beijing and it didn't try to be.
Four yours ago we saw one of history's biggest displays of national pride, but London beat its own chest in a more pleasantly understated way.
Producer Danny Boyle, of "Slumdog Millionaire" directorial fame, pieced together a lavish, epic and masterful show that blended humor with history, music with majesty, and was met with almost universal approval.
Boyle wanted to portray a graceful boast, showing off the best of Britain with pride but without a trace of stuffiness or arrogance.
The iconic moment when the cauldron burst into flame was lit by the hands of a group of young athletes nominated by sporting legends rather than a member of athletic royalty - It was a symbolic, if unsubtle, passing of the torch.

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