Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Boat Ride on Loch Ness

So yeah, the Family decided that a boat ride would be a great way to celebrate my birthday.

And what a glorious day it was; it was a balmy 21C with the sun out in full force and a beautiful clear blue sky to top it all off. All credits must go to the Big Guy upstairs for giving us this welcome break after a long spell of wet miserable weather.

Okay, back to our boat trip...

That's our ride right there, the Jacobite Queen.
We came early, so what is there to do but to take the all necessary photo-ops we can

 And we're off.

Loch Dochfour

The absolutely essential house-gawking session

The old lighthouse marking the entrance into Loch Ness from the Caledonian Canal.
The 190 year-old Bona lighthouse was built by Thomas Telford.
It's thought to be Britain's only inland lighthouse.

Nessie's nest

Urquhart Castle

Southward view towards Fort Williams

Checkout that house on top of the hill. They must have one 'eck of a view of the Loch.

Good bye Nessie, perhaps we'll meet someday... err, on second thought, let's not

Back to the Caledonian Canal.
Approaching the Dochgarroch Lock heading back towards Loch Dochfour

Breaking News!! Check this out....


  1. Hi Muna...
    Happy Birthday! May all the good things comes in ur life through out the years....

    1. Salam Puan Leeza
      Thanks for the lovely words. Wishing you and your family good health and happiness always.

  2. So it was your birthday? Happy Birthday Kak Muna, semoga senantiasa dibarokahiNya...maintain menawan gitu!
    Lovely, lovely pixs, dulu masa zmn kekanak, ada terbaca pasal 'dinasor' Loch Ness, akak tak takut ke kot dia tetiba muncul ke? hehehe...

    9 August 2012 04:52

    1. Salam Yong,
      Thanks for the birthday wishes, you're too kind. Kak Muna doakan Yong sekeluarga sentiasa diberkatiNya.
      Haha...I think monster tu lari bila dengaq kak Muna datang cari dia.