Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Eid Open House

Unlike the rest of the world, we Malaysians (and probably a couple of other countries) celebrate Eid for a whole month.
And I say, why not? Whatever rocks your boat, man!

Last Saturday, we were invited to an Eid open house celebration at the home of  Isma and his lovely wife Jullyza. Having sampled some of Jullyza's food before, this is one invite we shouldn't miss.

Upon entering, we were hit by the unmistakeable aroma of satay. Yumms!

 Bakar satay or joget, MrD?

The kiddos having fun in the backyard

Sumptuous array of homemade cookies

So what did we have, you may ask, or not, but I'm telling anyways...
There were Laksa Assam with all the trimmings,
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce,
Chicken Rice with Roasted Chicken,
Nasi Impit, Air Cincau,
undisclosed numbers of cookies... just to name a few...

Moms were having fun in the... yeah, you've guessed it, KITCHEN (see signage for confirmation)

Madam Uma, Chief Teh-Tarek and mile-high Kopi & Teh specialist.
I'm just happy to be her sidekick as I get to sample her creation.

Thank you Isma, Jullyza, Aisha and Balkis for the kind invitation.
We had so much fun!


  1. tgk nasi ayam tu tiba2 terbau nasi ayam plak kt sini.. delusion dah ni.. hehe...

    1. No, you're not... I pun terbau nasi ayam :)

  2. guess what? kita tak rasa pun the satay since the day before puas layan satay a-la chef kamal...big mistake! =(

    but i'll never forget uma's kopi+teh speciality ;)

    1. Salam Suhana,
      I'm sure satay chef kamal pun sanagt sedap. Dunno-la bila nak dapat merasa satay version MrD *sigh*