Friday, 14 September 2012

Farewell PotLuck Lunch

An excuse to celebrate...

The day began with a light drizzle and  moderate wind, very much in keeping with the weather this time of year. Good for the plant but not desirable for a party.
The party went on with no mishap except on a few occasions in which a couple of guests went astray and ended up somewhere else. No matter, I finally managed to round them up and lead them right to my doorstep.
Once everybody is present and accounted for, can the party truly begin.
You see, I subscribe to the US Army Special Forces motto of "No One Left Behind" not the TUDM's motto of "Sentiasa di AngkasaRaya" (lit. trans. "Always in the Airspace")  though I have been known to be a bit of an airhead at times!

Anyways, back to the lunch....

At this point, the table was still half empty, awaiting to be fill up to the brim with offerings from the other guests.

The offerings

Puan Hawa's Mee Kari

Kak Ruby's Quiche and mixed-leaves salad
Puan Zaharah Dean's Bergedil

Madam Uma's Baked Salmon in Sweet Mango Sauce
and Puan Athirah's Cheese Fondue with vegetables

My Chicken and Seafood Paella and antipasti


Puan Zaharah Dean's Puteri Salat
Puan Zahra Macmillan's Coconut and Palm Sugar Jelly
Puan Nurul's Creme Custard Puff

Puan Suhana Azlin's Red Velvet Cake and Blackberry and Apple Crumble (not in photo)
and my Gooseberry Orange Almond Cake with Custard
and Lemon Cream Cheese Macaron
and assortment of layer cakes and cookies

Cute Mya with some fluffy friends


  1. great photos kak muna! murah rezeki hari tu kan? sedap2 makanan sampai teringat2 ;)

    1. Salam Lin,
      Totally! Semuanya sedap-sedap belaka. And thanks again for coming.

  2. hi Muna...hari ni best masuk blog Muna...internet laju..tak dak masalah nak view gambar..jamu mata tgk makanan sedap2...ada resepi2 yg ok lagi share2 lah ye...hehe...xoxo...

    1. oh, ye ke? Leceh juga kalau internet slow, ya. Nak update blog pun jadi malaih.
      Anyways, nanti I will add more recipes, okay :)

  3. I wish you're nearby. Dapat I buat muka tak malu datang to your makan2. ;)


    1. Salam Nora,
      How are you keeping?
      Kalau you're nearby, I'll be super offended if you didn't (buat muka tak malu that is) :)

  4. love love love your house, especially the fireplace.