Thursday, 20 September 2012

To Dye For

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning:
They've told it not to do that again or there'll be trouble!!
Yeah, heard this line from that oft angry Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle and thought it was quite funny

But the weather had been good lately, just a little windy... s 'all good.

The day started early for us.
The drive to Sarah's place in Laurencekirk took us just slightly over 30 minutes.

Once we're caffeine-loaded and fully energized,  off we went for a walk in an area known as Glen Dye by the water of Dye, on the south side of Clachnaben.

The water of Dye

The peak of Clachnaben in the distance

At 589 metre, the hill is crowned by a dramatic granite tor, which can be seen for miles around

Charr Bothy - Glen Dye
The bothy overlooks the merger of the water of Charr and the water of Dye.
The water of Dye flows into the river Feugh and then in turn flows into the river Dee.
It is said that many salmons swim right up to the highlands to the water of Dye to spawn.


The Charr Craig

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