Sunday, 23 September 2012

Open Studios

The North East Open Studios (NEOS) is a week-long non-profit annual event where artists including painters, photographers, jewelers and ceramicist and various established galleries open their doors to the public. 

There are also a number of groups displaying work in joint venues such as wood turners and mental health art groups. Hands-on demonstrations, live music and sculpture trails were also organised by the artists themselves to add to the 'NEOS experience'.

During the weekend, MrD and I kept ourselves busy going from one open studio to another.

It was great to meet the artists in person and learned more about their art. 

These are but a few venues that I managed to photograph...

Delicate raku ware, made by an artist in Arbroath who runs workshops on making these beautiful hand-shaped Japanese potteries.

There's a fabulous willow basket weaver in this woodland studio.
I was absolutely taken by her technique that I forgot to take any photos or her artwork.
I am still kicking myself over this!

A little bothy turned studio for a week in a village beside the sea.


  1. Signboard tu ..... kalau letak dlm utan cam tu kat Malaysia , pakai tak dak sapa pi dah .....

  2. hahaha... Chik Att, kat sini takdak harimau, ulaq kat sini semuanya pemalu so jarang jumpa.
    So far, cheq tak pernah lagi jumpa binatang buas, tapi orang buas tu ramai-la pulak :)

  3. Nice satay. Teringin tp malas nak buat. Kat halal butcher kat sini boleh beli frozen satay. They said made by some sporean. Beli sekali but rasanya manis sikit. So tak beli lagi.

    1. Kat sini tak ada frozen satay halal or maybe I was not looking at the right places.
      Actually, I ni bukan-la rajin sangat, but what to do... since I LOVE to eat, terpaksa-lah kena buat sendiri :(