Thursday, 25 October 2012

Alton Revisited

It was great to be back!
The last time we were here was back in April 1994. Boy, how the time flies!
MrD and I were so looking forward to show Elsa around the park,
just so she knows we were young once...
'tho we like to think we're still young, our creaking joints tell us otherwise

The haunted house had a bit of makeover...

Thank goodness MrD finally came to his senses and got rid of his 80's tache.

Oh, yes the Nemesis
It was the most talked about white-knuckled ride when it was opened to the public in March 1994.
Eighteen years after its opening, Nemesis is still one of the most popular rides in the park.
Eighteen years ago, I did not ride it, and I am not about to change my mind... ever!

Notice the gorgeous house on the hill...
not a lot has change.
The garden is still as beautiful as I remembered it to be.

The yew arches still remain the same

Back then, the castle was just an empty shell of a ruin and was in a state of disrepair.
It has now been restored with the addition of a ride based on the true legend of the towers.

The big trees still remain the same after eighteen years


  1. eh eh eh.. now and then tak banyak beza pun Kak Muna kecuali tahap ke slim an je sket hee..sket je pun....still sweet like 18 years ago yah..

    1. Salam Yong
      That red shirt cheq kena pi cari size kat children's dept. Itu pun masih besaq dan longgaq.

  2. Gambar lama, time semuanya berdugu runcing! Tapi rasanya the misai was part yang paling mahal for Mr D!!

    1. oh, yes, Elle
      It took me a good 20 years to convince him that the misai is not doing him any favour.
      It must have been a sad day for him when he finally shave it off

  3. cute cuteeeeeeeee ....

    mcm budak sekolahhhhhh

    1. Tu-la, Chik Att... masalah besaq!
      No one took me seriously... hahaha!!!