Friday, 5 October 2012

Up the Garden Path

About 10 days ago, we were battered by heavy rain and strong winds.
These pictures were taken the day after...
Gosh, just look at the amount of tidying-up I had to do.
It was quite daunting, I must say! I didn't even know where to begin

But, clean-up, I must!
And, now the the garden looks as good as it was before. Thanks in part to our fabulous Mr LawnMower Man - he was rewarded with not just one but 2 slices of my home bake!

Madam Lolita found a cosy spot between the flower pots, away from the cold wind.

Oh, speaking of Lolita...
a couple of days ago, my furry madam was found acting pretty strange.
According to Elsa, she was 10 times daffier than she normally would be.
It went on all night, until she spatted out a big fat ugly slug, much to Elsa's annoyance as it all happened while Lolita was in her bedroom.
It must have been a hallucinogenic slug.
Silly cat!

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