Friday, 12 October 2012

World on Parade

Maybe I should rename the title to Food on Parade 'cos, to be honest. that was all I was interested in...

First stop, the Asian Australasian table
Must suggest to the organiser a bigger table for the Asian fare...
Unlike the other continents (which were hardly full) our table was over-spilling with food!
That's Asian hospitality right there, thank you very much!! (which is often being taken for granted, methinks)

My contribution for the evening was two types of dessert
Kueh Lapis Pelangi (Rose-scented Steamed Layered Rice cake)
Apam Pandan (Steamed Pandan-flavoured Cake)

Variety of mouth-watering delicacies from all over the world under one roof!

Various cultural tables...

I'm still kicking myself for not taking any photos of Malaysian cultural table, 
after all the hard work of putting them up...
Sheesh!! I blamed it on those darn food on display, 
they're very distracting, I could hear them calling me all evening!
Anyways, here are the photos of OTHER cultural tables!!

The nations on parade...

Finally, our Jalur Gemilang;
two girls, one nation
you made your moms (and your country) proud!!


  1. Muna...this food parade yg Dtk Rais Yatim ada hari tu ke...ada tgk dkt tv...I duk skodeng2 jugak kut2 nmpk Muna...hehe...tahniah to Elsa...anak serba boleh ...mcm mak dia juga...

  2. Salam Eni,
    I think that was Malaysian Festival yang baru diadakan di London beberapa hari dahulu.
    We all tak pergi... jauh sangat dan masa tu pulak bukan cuti sekolah.
    Tak tau-la bila depa nak buat kat Scotland pulak :)