Monday, 12 November 2012


My antique market foundlings...

It was one of those weekends where MrD and I didn't have anything planned and decided to stop by an antique store.
As usual, I would assure MrD by telling him that I didn't really have anything in particular that I was looking for. After being married for this length of time, he should know that those words don't mean anything. In fact, more often that not, I will find something!
And indeed I did!

To begin with, I found this...

A metal-gild mirror with cut-mirror inlays. Understated elegance.

Next, I found this....

to add to my collection of cloisonné enamel vases.
I think they'll do... don't want to have too many of them unless of course I come across one that I have to have.  
Never say never

And, lastly....

An occasional table made of oak
with barley twist legs

Apropos, I'm in a middle of trying to convince MrD that those purchases were necessary and at a bargain. It would have cost him a lot more in any high street store. I'm actually saving him from spending a lot of money!

Am I amazing or what!


  1. hehe...tergelak baca statement Muna yg mula2 tu...

    brg2 antik tu mesti mahal tu Muna...

    1. Salam Eni,
      Nasib baik MrD ada short-term memory dan tak serik-serik masuk kedai antik, walaupun dia dah tahu perangai wife dia yang suka main "treasure hunt" :D
      Tapi-kan Eni, memang lebih berbaloi cari barang kat kedai antik, tapi jangan-la pi beli gerobok yang besaq-besaq, takut takdak Narnia, ada benda lain pulak.

  2. Salam Muna.
    The vase really amaze me.

    1. Salam Norlyda,
      What's even more amazing is they were painstakingly made by hand, by putting powdered enamel into tiny grooves... juling bijik mata you!!