Monday, 17 December 2012

Creme Banana in Vanilla Crepe

There seems to be a current craze amongst Malaysian foodblogger recently;
The Durian Crepe

I must admit
they do look good
but, the Family is not a fan of the fruit

Why choose banana?
I do like the idea of having similar, equally custard-y fruit of a lesser pong
wrapped in a vanilla-speckled crepe with whipped cream

but why stop there!

Add a splodge of creme anglaise
and a dribbling of dark chocolate ganache
Sprinkle with some toasted almonds...

And there you have it
an equally unhealthy but delicious
tea-time treat


  1. Yeay! Kak Muna pun dah dapat demam crepe sipi-sipi! Banana pun equally delicious, same as corn n vanilla!

    1. Lol!!
      Demam crepe sipi-sipi... that's so funny Miz Elle :)
      Great idea about the corn and vanilla, will give it a try

  2. Hahaha... siap admit tu... an equally UNHEALTHY... kih kih kih... tak pe la, shakali shakali... Tapi this version of yours, punyalah voguenya. siap chocolate, siap almond... kelllasss ko Muna.. ahaks....

    1. Tu-la MamaFaMi...
      kalau benda tu memang dah asal very the unhealthy, might as well do it with style
      Lepaih tu kita zumba gangnam style to burn off the calories, okay dak?