Monday, 31 December 2012

Fun at the Moh's

We were invited to an evening of food, fun and laughter hosted by the Mohs at their residence.
As usual, nothing short of fabulous food was prepared by the hostess, Mary.
Mary is the owner of the food blog, Keep Learning Keep Smiling, mainly focusing on having a healthy lifestyle while having fun.
At least we have the last bit in common....
when it comes to healthy living, I'm absolutely hopeless
Perhaps I should learn a thing or two from her

Going back to the party....
Yeah, the food was fabulous... I should know 'cos I ate way too much
and I dreaded not being able to participate in the games later
it's my competitive streak, especially when MrD was in the opposing team!

Game on!

guessing who's-behind-the-curtain name game

Try getting those gummy jellies from the forehead into the mouth
no winners there, obviously
although we found out (the hard way) that we have facial muscle that were not known previously

Drawing games

Musical chair
someone looking pretty miffed after being ousted from her throne!

Passing the long-suffering giraffe...
No! we're not doing the Gangnam
but the Chicken dance instead!

The gracious winners!

The losers...
don't believe for a moment
when they suggested that they thrown in the game
to let the ladies win
but, then again....
they wouldn't want to risk sleeping on the sofa, would they?

selected photos courtesy of Mrs Mary Moh

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