Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Birthday Lunches

This month seems to be a pretty busy month with birthdays.
Don't know if it has something to do with
the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which often falls in February, or
anything to do at all with Valentines.
All I know,
there's a heck of a lot of celebrating to do this month
and my clothes are literally bursting at the seams

First up,
it was my friend Gaye's birthday last Friday
We took her out to lunch in a recently opened Asian restaurant here in Aberdeen.

At the end of the meal,
we surprised the Birthday Girl with a scrumptious Red Velvet cake

it was Linda's turn

We met up at Rosie’s Tea room for a round of teas and coffees and the essential photo-taking session.
Good thing it was early and there wasn't too many people around
If not, we'd probably be chased out of the premises
for creating a public nuisance



For lunch, we decided to treat the Birthday Girl to an authentic Thai lunch

That's not the end just yet
there's one very important birthday yet to come....


  1. Sudu dan garfu tu cantik lahh....asian sangat..Psst Che Puan Muna nampak muda lahh?...(^___^)\/

    1. Solid brass sudu garfu from Thailand, memang cheq berkenan... tu yang posing sakan. Silap haribulan terrr-masuk dalam handbag :)
      Nampak muda ka? Mai sini cheq habaq rahsianya.... ish, kalau habaq, dah tak jadi rahsia lagi dah.... :)

  2. Kak Muna, cantik rambut you. Lama tak lihat blog Kak Muna. Entah bila dapat jumpa Kak Muna, frust hari tu tak dapat jumpa.


    1. Tak ada rezeki lagi...
      InsyaAllah, one of these days.
      Lagipun masa tu the weather was quite bad, it would have been quite a waste of a trip, kan...