Friday, 15 February 2013

My Funny Valentinas!!

Enough with the solitary days of those long winter evenings...

We decided to start the new year -
be it Islamic, Gregorian, Chinese, Fiscal, Stardates - the whole kit and caboodle 
with good faith, goodwill, good food, good fun and good friends.

To get things rolling,
for a start
Gaye hosted a Chinese New Year cum Valentine's Day potluck lunch
at her beautiful home in Bieldside.

A picture of serene and tranquility
Her decor was dotted with tea lights and strategically placed objet d'art
and accented tasteful arrangements of flowers

It didn't stay that way for long....
Once we made our entrance, all hell broke loose!

Best looking kitchen fairies ever!

Miss Caroline's Chicken and Mushroom Spring-rolls
Miss Deborah's Beef Pot-stickers
Miss Layla's Roasted Leg of Lamb
Miss Linda C's Peking Duck and Black Beef Rendang
Miss Sarah R's Chicken Curry
Miss Gaye's Fried Beehoon and Stir-fried Vegetables and sambal

On the sweet table, we have

Miss Cecilia's Sweet Glutinous Rice cake
Miss Linda C's Pineapple Tartlets
Miss Linda G's Cream Puff
Miss Deborah's Nian Gao
and my Red Velvet and Chocolate Cherry and Orange Fudge Heart Cake with Cream Cheese frosting (phew!)


  1. Sungguh meriah....sungguh sedap ....semuanya gorgeous :D

    1. Masalah besaq, Lisa.
      All the ladies are good cook. Resistance is futile!! Won't stay slim for long!!