Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Set Up

My stress level is at an all-time high
there's a million and one things going through my mind at the moment...
You see, in a couple of days from now
 I will be playing host to A DOZEN PEOPLE
Yes, that's a football team plus one mascot!

First off...
Preparing the bedrooms.
Some say cleaning bedrooms is akin to going to war.
If it is, call me Napoleon
'cos I just won a battle!

Room #1
The bedroom with a view

Room #2
The bedroom with the TV - especially for that someone who is known to be glued to one most of the time!

Room #3
The Annexe


All happiness depends on a full stomach, that's what I say....

Okay, some homemades

 leg of lamb, marinated and ready for the barbecue

beef rendang simmering in the slow cooker

chorus line of chicken drumstick thai-style

candy-coated chocolate buttons in cookie dough batons, for those sugar-craving moments

and some not-so-homemades, for those lazy days ~ in which I foresee, will be many-a-days!


  1. yummmmmmmmmm sedapnya semua makanan tu...can i join your guest? hehehe


  2. salam k.muna…..wah meriah!!!!!!tetamu yg dtg mmg membawa rahmat & rezeki. btw pliz share the candy button cookies recipe. mcm cute je for the kids.

    1. Salam Rostina,
      will publish the recipe at a later update... tungguuuu....!!! ;)

  3. kak muna, suka tengok bedrooms tu, pandai & creative sungguh u mengdeco2.. nampak cozy sangat especially wt the view. i wish if i cld be there too..

  4. Wahhh, you dah siapkan bilik tidur untuk kami ke Muna? Bolehlah I cuba terai bolos lalu kot screen laptop ni malam ni eh. I tak bawak makanan tau, I bawak beg baju je, sebab makanan you dah provide kan? Hehehehe... Oh how nice if whatever yang I berangan ni can just come true! Btw... I nak bilik yang Annexe tu... dekat dengan tempat you simpan makanan kan? Ngeh ngeh ngeh...

    1. Haiyoooo Ma manyak handal!!!
      Dok tang sana pun boleh bau tang mana cheq semunyi, err silap, SIMPAN makanan!!!
      Okay, cheq tunggu depan PC malam ni.... tapi cheq tak larat nak hop bila Ma bolos keluaq screen nanti, so cheq sediakan trampoline depan screen, hokay
      Selalunya orang kata berangan akan menjadi kenyataan.... amin

  5. I am on my way soooooon ;P

    Tungguuuuu tau

  6. waaaa nangesss tgk preparation sume tu, 5 star host ni! ok la, kami nak book satu family next summer!

    1. Yong, you'll have to join queue panjang for next summer ;)