Sunday, 30 June 2013

Little Fishes in the Pond

Mercury's rising... and it's hit a scorching 20˚C
Well, don't laugh... it's not often we get a day this hot
Hot enough to do this to my candle

So what did we do on a hot like this, you may ask?... or not, I don't care...

Basically, our life is a series of unplanned events
Like every other day, we start off by wondering what kind of mischief we could get up to, which would be (most often) weather dependent.
It's one of those spur-of-the-moment things we do so often...

Whilst out antiquing, we chanced upon a garden centre specialising in pond plants and fish
It was then that we decided our pond needed some new tenants

The pond is now home to
10 Goldfish, and

3 albino Grass Carp

Our new tenants will be staying rent free, of course
All we ask of them is to keep the pesky weeds down

So, to our new fishy friends, we wish you all a long and happy life
and don't let the Herons get you


  1. Suka sangat.....cantik dan lawaaaaaa.....

    1. Jom cikMat, kita tukaq kerjaya... kita jadi towkay ikan... cheq dah malaih nak masak :)

    2. Tau tak, che mat memang pelihara ikan, dan hobi yang sungguh menyeronokkan....tapi sekarang, masa amat2 terbatas...huhu..

    3. o ya, ka?!
      masa pi rumah cikMat, cheq tak perasan ada aquarium. Cheq dunno anything about bela ikan, kalau ada problem boleh-la cikMat bagi some pointers :)

  2. Assalamualaikum Muna..wah bestnyer...dpt santai2 wif family

    1. Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah Umie Jazz
      masa summer ni bersantai memang seronok :)