Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BFF Countryfied!

A late entry...

This was taken last Friday when my girlfriends decided to make a 40 minute journey from Aberdeen City to visit lil ol' me.

As usual, our get-together would never be without a table laden with food
On this occasion, I decided to make Nasi Dagang using a mixture of glutinous rice, basmathi and wild rice with Chicken Curry ( I have an aversion to fish looking like fish in a dish, if that make any sense to you. If not, don't bother your little head with it) and pickled vegetables.
Cecilia's Baked Chicken Wings
Gaye's Salmon in Thick Spicy Gravy
Mary's Pulut Sambal and Mochi with red bean paste fillings
Pauline's Retro Sardine Puff ( the pastry was so light and thin and just awesome! )

Needed some fresh air after all that food!

Thanks you ladies for coming all the way here ( and getting lost along the way... or were you guys distracted when checking out some hot farmers?!)

And thank you too for the lovely gifts.
I never expected what you got me. Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Here's to more get-togethers and gut-bursting laughter-filled days!!!


  1. Retro sardine puff tu che mat berkenan sangat...

    1. retro sardine puff tu sangaaat sedap. teringat masa belajaq home science kat sekolah dulu ;)

  2. OMG what a breathtaking viewwww!!!!wish i can be your bibik LOL!!

    1. Hi Nets,
      kalau nak enjoy the view, come and help me out in the garden :)