Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Sanctuary

A gardener's work is never done

I just LOVE gardening!
I'm not talking about planting, watering and the occasional dead-heading
I love to get mucky...  deep down and dirty!
Hours easily passed when spent
pulling weeds,
hacking down branches,
mowing the lawn

That's how much I love gardening!
in case you didn't get that... ;)

For now, I shall leave you with some colours from my garden


  1. ooohhhh i so love your garden, all the flowers, all the colours are just gorgeous! i love gardening too, tapi since sini is winter now, i tak banyak ber gardening pun...takut beku dok luar lama2 hahahahaa...

    did you have vege garden too?


    1. thank you Yatie

      Veg garden belum start lagi. I tengah focus on having pokok bunga dulu untuk memeriahkan suasana. You know-la kan ... it can be so gloomy here in Scotland, so have to put a bit of colour to make it more ceria.
      But, the apple tree is bearing some fruits - tak tau-la sedap or not... I'm not a big fan of apples