Monday, 22 July 2013

The Week That Was

Ever get that feeling that you're just too lazy to update your blog.
I was feeling just that for the last couple of weeks.
In fact, I'm still in that state of mind.

There's just far too many things to do,
too many things to achieve...
and the last thing you want to do
is spend  time sitting down and typing your thoughts.

Anyhowdeedoodee, these were some of the things that went on in our lives in the last week or so...

On the weather front, it's still blinking hot - could use with some rain as the water in the pond has receded by quite a bit.

First up,
remember that gunky, weed-infested wooden structure dubbed "the Duck Motel" in the middle of our equally weed-infested pond?

Well, the story so far, we managed to pull it out of the water - with the help of our super-nice neighbours and their wee tractor - so I could proceed to clean it up.

Enter Operation Pimp My Duck Motel

Managed to pull out most of the weeds and gave it a little scrub

Yes, it will be painted FIRE ENGINE RED!

Meanwhile, back in the garden....
I've started an Alpine plant area

Another upcycle project...
remember my polka dot wellies?
they're useless as wellies now as they're leaky
decided that they make pretty cool planter for my Campanulas instead

My one and only rose bush is looking good in this hot and dry weather
Should seriously consider a rose garden in the future plan

MrD was on his lawn duty - a full day's job!

Got this beautiful bouquet of cottage flowers from a friend's garden. 

The teak garden furniture needed oiling after years of being left out in the sun, rain and snow
MrD gladly "volunteered" for the job
- with the promise of Ayam Percik at the end of the day, of course!

Duck Motel is open for business
wait for its launching
back into the pond, that is...


  1. Picturesque betui gambaq had last tu :)
    Can imagine the bright red duck motel on the frozen pond and half covered in snow... :D

    1. Yeah, you're right, Lisa.
      The duck motel will surely stands out in the grey winter landscape... not really looking forward to it though :)

  2. reading this en3, my feeling like watching film "SPY KID" bhahaha..

    Why the wall only, how about the roof? BTW, why the plant on the right half dead? MrD karate kut

    1. LOL... Spy old kids, kot??!!
      I didn't paint the roof 'cos I like the colours of the lichen on it... thought it's prettier as it is
      hahaha... MrD suka chicken chop, no karate chop for him :) the tree tu dah more than 100 years old, so ranting pun dah rapuh sikit... bila angin kuat, musti ada yang tepeleot