Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Harvest Knot

A simple enough craft to do
on a wet and misty day....

you will need:
a few stalks of wheat (available at any craft shops or florists, methinks)
strong thread
a pair of scissors
dried lavender bunch (or any other dried flowers available)
a cosy and warm place to sit
and a cup of hot cocoa

As you plaited the harvest bow
You implicated the mellowed silence in you
In wheat that does not rust
But brightens as it tightens twist by twist
Into a knowable corona,
A throwaway love-knot of straw.

Hands that aged round ashplants and cane sticks
And lapped the spurs on a lifetime of game cocks
Harked to their gift and worked with fine intent
Until your fingers moved somnambulant:
I tell and finger it like braille,
Gleaning the unsaid off the palpable,

And if I spy into its golden loops
I see us walk between the railway slopes
Into an evening of long grass and midges,
Blue smoke straight up, old beds and ploughs in hedges,
An auction notice on an outhouse wall—
You with a harvest bow in your lapel,

Me with the fishing rod, already homesick
For the big lift of these evenings, as your stick
Whacking the tips off weeds and bushes
Beats out of time, and beats, but flushes
Nothing: that original townland
Still tongue-tied in the straw tied by your hand.

The end of art is peace
Could be the motto of this frail device
That I have pinned up on our deal dresser—
Like a drawn snare
Slipped lately by the spirit of the corn
Yet burnished by its passage, and still warm. 

The Harvest Bow
by Seamus Heaney


  1. Orang, kalau tangannya memang berseni... anyam rumput pun nampak cantik... inikan pulak anyam dried wheats and lavender... Kita yang keras tangan ni, kalau nak cuba bab bab kreative macam ni, baik baik bunga tu segar, terus layu...merajuk sebab susun dia tak cantik! Ngeh ngeh ngeh....

    1. Dak aih, Ma... cheq yang tak tau langsung anyam ketupat pun boleh buat ni, in fact-kan Ma... MrD kita pun telah menghasilkan satu.
      Perhaps you can use padi instead :)