Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Leftover Food Ideas

We rarely are able to finish all our food in one sitting.
Often enough, I have to deal with some leftover food at one point or another.
I hate having to throw away good food - whether it's meat from your Sunday roast or veggies from your fridge, here are some of my cunning money-saving ways to help you use up your leftover ingredients.

On Sunday, we had Roast Chicken with roasted vegetables and gravy.
By the end of the meal, we're left with a good portion of the chicken uneaten along with some roasted leeks.

Quiche is a neat way of using the leftover chicken meat and vegetables.
Quick and easy to prepare, this dish makes the perfect family dinner for us.

I made stock using leftover bones from the roasted chicken carcass.
It took several hours of slow cooking but the result was better than any store-bought stock and it’s a great way to not let good bones go to waste.

And they do make the yummiest chicken rice!

That's one way to make your money stretch without having to waste unnecessarily while having some wholesome healthy homemade food!


  1. Semalam ingat nak buat cheat chicken pie with my leftover roast chook tp my kiddies minta indomie goreng :O . So instead I buat tu pie hari ni...

    1. sounds great!
      How's the gardening project coming along?

    2. Slowly slowy. Try tanam ni, try tanam tu. So far native plant hidup segar. Pokok yg dulu mcm nak mati yg I alihkan kat other side, segar bugar. Keluaq bunga lagi. Happy happy joy joy...

    3. tu-diah... that's the spirit.... don't ever give up without a fight!
      take care

  2. This is what I always do too with our left overs! husband was not used to eat left overs but now he said left overs punya taste lagi sedap ;))))

    Well done to us kan Kak Muna hehe..

    Yatie, NZ