Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Garden Updates

What started out as my little project to turn the grassy area near the courtyard into a cottage flower garden quickly turned into one backbreaking endeavour.
I am reckless that way...
The family knew that.
Often, I would be the one entangled in some sort of foolhardy task, and I never learn from the past.
I have a memory of a goldfish

Step 1
Removing the grass
the task was made easy by using the turf cutter machine.
The grasses were then rolled up like carpets, really heavy carpets I might add...

Eventually, we managed to removed most, if not all, traces of grass.
It took us a good six-hours of turf-stripping plus two days of removing those rolled-up grasses.

Now comes the fun part...
planting and transplanting all sorts of perennials

Here comes the grump...
Inspecting the work done thus far


  1. With good team, big job become small. Mandor tu nampak garang, jantan/betina?

    1. Hahaha... mandor-lady tu classic "can't judge a book by its cover".
      Kalau tengok muka, memang kalah singa kat Africa but in reality she's such a softie dan tak pandai mencakar... selalu kena pukul dengan the neighbour's cats :(

  2. oooooo gambar lolita darling wraps up your garden photos really nicely hehehee...your neighbour's cat is naughty ye..kesian kat lolita...


    1. Salam Yatie
      tu-la... nowadays she has become so clingy and paranoid semacam. Just a few days ago, dia kena pukoi sampai ter-buang air besar :(