Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mary's Lunch

It was a day filled with gut-bursting rolling-on-the floor laughter.
My dear friend, Gaye, who was recently posted to Brunei came back for a short visit and I wouldn't miss it for anything. Plus, I haven't been visiting Mary for a long time.

Mom, are you done yet with all the photo-taking malarkey.
I'm hungry... feed me already!!

Scrummy lunch made with love (to quote Madam Uma)
Lamb Curry ala Uma
Fried fresh anchovies Cecilia-style
Layla's Baked Leg of Lamb with Rosemary

Desserts were all lovingly made by Mary herself...

Looking totally wasted...
invariably intoxicated by laughter, fruit tea, grape juice, water and coffee

... and easily amused
Thanks Ladies, for this little owl with the crazy tuft
I shall find a suitable name for it....

Happiness is...

selected photos courtesy of
Mrs Ether, Mrs Kemshell and Mrs Moh

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