Monday, 18 November 2013

Ink and Watercolour

Whaddya know...
I totally fell hook, line and sinker to this sort of painting

For the longest time I have been avoiding painting with watercolour
favouring oil and acrylic instead
I guess the main reason for choosing to paint with watercolour probably lies in the fact that they are excellent for quick sketches as they dry quickly and they are easy to clean.
While I found watercolour is a little less forgiving when mistakes are concerned,  however, by using light washes, it is easy to control the progression of the painting.


  1. salam muna, very nice! and I love the painting - egg in the basket :-)

    1. thanks Salmi
      tak tau nak sketch apa... nampak teloq kat dapoq tu, so apa lagi...
      turned out okay jugak :)

  2. the painting were super nice...i wish i could paint like that too... :)