Friday, 1 November 2013


Why do I love Halloween so much?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a witch nor do I harbour thoughts of becoming one,
though I've been told that I laugh like a banshee... a nice banshee, of course

Reason #1 for liking Halloween
I get to let loose my crazy creative juices on carving pumpkins.
These soft-skinned giant orange pumpkins are only available this time of year and they're really cheap, so I don't feel bad about throwing them into the compost heap after they've gone off.

To begin carving, I first scoop out the seeds and fibres
then, draw their faces onto the pumpkins using pen or marker
- I refused to use templates... I'm reckless that way!!

Use a small serrated knife to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.

Reason #2
I LOVE trick or treaters!!!
especially the little ones in their most adorable outfits...

Reasons #3
I LOVE giving away candies allsorts!!!

This year, I decided that I'd give them home-bakes instead
so I made a batch of...

Devil Food cupcakes
Pus-filled Boils pastry

Devil Food cupcakes (that's dark chocolate cupcakes on normal days)

Pus-filled Boils pastry (Strawberry Frangipane in sweet-crust pastry)

A strange two-legged manky cat just appeared from the kitchen door
and she's heading straight for the goodies!!

ElsaCat says, "Have a great weekend y'all!"


  1. i really like your little labu n labi ..sunggoh cantik walau yg pembuatnya seorang melayu ... for little elsacat tu memang cute sekali with her smile

    1. Salam Duki Aidah,
      ElsaCat says thank you x
      Tak kan omputih saja kot yang pandai... kita pun terror jugak, tak kira Cina, India, Melayu... Malaysia Boleh, Singapore Boleh!!! :)

  2. Habis Hallowen Nite, labu labi tu buang saja ka? Manalah tau kut buat pengat labu ka,lepat labu ka.WEH! MELELEH AYAQ LIOQ, teringat kueh mueh Melayu.

    1. yup, lepaih ni Labu Labu jadi fertiliser... so sad...
      Labu jenis ni tak berapa sedap sangat and isi dia berair. Selalunya labu yang kulit tebal yang lebih sedap, and my favourite labu for cooking is butternut squash... buat masak lemak... yumm!!