Thursday, 20 February 2014

Being 18

Setting the scene for a little surprise for Elsa.

Lately, Elsa has been extremely busy preparing for her exams and has very little time for herself... so I decided to indulge her in this teeny tiny way - a little surprise birthday "party" at home - after all you're only eighteen once!

The night before, I was busy making about 40 pieces of Lemon with Passionfruit and Mango curd cupcakes for her to bring to school in time to celebrate her birthday with her friends.

While she was in school, I thought it would be nice to have another cake made for her so that we could have a quiet celebration as a family.
I decided to bake a simple cake for her - a Chocolate Almond Cake - a recipe that I kept for a while, waiting for the right occasion...

All ready... just waiting for her to get home

My girl was pleasantly surprise.

Nothing like a little firework (or two) to get things started!


  1. And so, she is 18?? really? it feels like last week we both just move to NL.. and now, it has been 10 yrs... ish ish ish..
    ps - is she building you the house next door?

    1. tu-la kan... teringat first time jumpa mami dinner kat rumah Kak... alamak lupa nama pulak. Teruih mesra macam kenai lama... sat saja dah 10 tahun nooo
      don't worry, mami... tanah masih luas lagi, kalau mami nak chop se ekar pun boleh lagi... kita buat kampung!!!

  2. Hi Muna..
    Wishing Elisa 'Happy 18th Birthday"
    May she be blessed by Allah always.

  3. happy 18th lovely Elisa. mak & anak dara sama cun melecun.

    1. thank you Rostina
      oh mak dia nampak cun pasai lampu kurang cerah :)

  4. Happy birthday Elsa! Makin cantik anak dara kt Muna ni. Semoga senantiasa dibarokahiNya.