Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Garden Updates

'Round about this time each year, I would don my old shirt, hair tied back, face overloaded with sticky sunscreen, and go about in the garden and become what I would like to think of as the consummated gardener.

Our first (rather massive) garden project for this year was to remove the grass from the front garden and the backyard, and replace it with gravel.
We decided to do this since these areas were prone to waterlogging, thus making walking on the lawn a squelchy experience; besides, it had become rather mossy.
On the other hand, I now have less area to mow - which is just blooming marvelous!

We needed 4 lorry-loads of gravel to do the job

A layer of penetrable membrane was put onto the leveled soil before the gravel went on top

The gravel was then evenly raked (by hand, mind you!)

The backyard

The front of the house

The not-too-impressed kitty...

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