Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Intensive Study Week

My little Oxford adventure

After our flight to Heathrow, my friends and I went about looking for a coach that takes us straight into oxford from the airport at the cost of £30 there and return.
We got off the last stop and the coach driver told us to take a bus to this infirmary place about a minute away from St Anne's College. So then we tried to look for the bus stop and this really friendly older lady saw that we were tourists looking lost and instructed us on how to find the right bus station, before going "WELCOME TO OXFORD!" that was really cute, the people are really friendly.
So we mastered the bus-taking all on our own which was fun, and they even accepted my Scottish pound coins, so I didn't feel the discrimination which was also fabulous.
Then after a short walk, we got to St Anne's and OH MY GOD IT'S SUCH A MODERN LOOKING BUILDING - it's all glass and metal.
We said hello to the porter and put our suitcases in the back until they sorted our rooms out.

The Coutyard

My room

The dining hall

For dinner, our giant crew went into town...

My experience here has been mostly positive.
I've really enjoyed my time here, the courses are great, and the people here are super super nice!

 Elsa x

So glad to have my baby back home safe and sound albeit a little tired :)

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