Monday, 28 July 2014

Up A Garden Path

Mallamuch House Garden

Situated in a challenging north facing quarry.
This is a relatively new garden which has been developed over the last 7 years.

 A large pond with a collection of plants and unusual trees.

The garden boasts a huge array of herbaceous plants and shrubs to suit the different soil conditions in the quarry.

What a way to end an already great day...
I got the chance to meet garden expert and presenter of Beechgrove Garden, Ms Carole Baxter!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Out and About


These past few days have been a scorcher.
The last couple of the days, the temperature rose to mid-30s.
Its amusing when speaking with the locals they would often assume that we'd be alright with the heat, as in their words, "we must be used to this" ... well, I got news for you - the word is acclimatisation!  I'd rather be bundled up in cold climes than melting in this searing heat...

 ... and I think the cows would agree with me!

Back to our gallivanting of the week.
We headed north to a small picturesque seaside town of Gardenstown (yeah, I know... it's as if the hillside is not hot enough. Now, aren't we the clever one!)

 The habour

 Gardenstown is a cliff-side village, housing a mix of permanent residents, holiday homes and self-catering cottages. Most of the original residents and fishermen's families now live in the newer part of the village at the top of the hill. The village has good facilities such as a pub by the harbour, and sights such as a nice beach, an 11th century chapel nearby and a footpath along the cliffs to Crathie. The harbour itself is well maintained with recent pontoons and around 80 boats berthed there during the summer. It is a good centre for exploring the area, and a local bus service provides links to Macduff and Banff. 

An unwitting subject

 Fancy door-knobs

 How cute is that!

  Jelly-fishes seen in the water