Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Garden Updates

The Kitchen Garden




strawberry blossom





We've decided on 3 varieties of strawberry plants

A compact, early cultivar of strawberry that produces large, deep-red aromatic fruits with dark green foliage.
a high yielding variety with a delicious sweet taste.
This variety said to produces big fruits throughout the whole summer.
Very attractive ever-bearer variety with dark green leaves, long flower trusses with large, semi-double, apple-blossom pink flowers and deep red fruits.
It tends to grow best over the course of two years.

Fruits from 'Sarian'

 Finally, I have to add that we're now officially been invaded by those pesky insects -
the scourge of the Scottish summer, the bane of every gardener's life -
the Highland midge, or Culicoides Impunctatus, to give it its proper name

You have been warned!

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