Monday, 21 July 2014

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Craigevar Castle

It was named after a nearby hill and the original was built sometime in the 14th Century and owned by the Mortimer family. Though this building was never finished and the family was forced to sell it and land to William Forbes of Menie in 1610 due to financial troubles.

The building as it appears today commenced in 1610 and in 1626 The Great Tower was built by William Forbes (nicknamed Danzig Willie). From then it had been lived in by the Forbes and Forbes-Sempill family.

It was bought by a consortium in 1963 from the Forbes-Sempill family and donated to The National Trust For Scotland in 1963.

The Great Hall is the central attraction, with its secret staircase, musician's gallery and large fireplace with the Stuart Arms.

There still survives a collection of family portraits and furniture dating back to the 17th Century. Original painted ceilings remain remarkably preserved.

At the main staircase you can see the coat of arms which dates back to 1668 and delivers the Forbes family motto: "Doe not vaiken sleiping dogs."

Info taken from National Trust of Scotland

 The castle has a fairy tale appearance with its solid base and ornate turrets and gargoyles, with the whole castle harled a pinkish colour.
Rumour has it that Walt Disney used Craigievar as the model for the Disney castle.

   The setting is beautiful with magnificent trees.

Extensive views across the surrounding countryside.

Best view by far for me! (I meant the hubby and the daughter but the cow ain't that bad either)

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