Monday, 11 August 2014

A Woman Scorned

This Lady was furious!

I'm talking about Madame (ex-hurricane) Bertha
with winds around 50-60 mph, she left a trail of wonky shrubs, snapped branches, broken pots, missing slippers and adding to the all ready long list - a terrified cat gone missing, probably found somewhere safe to hide...

pots of geraniums strewn all over

my top heavy mophead hydrangea were not able to withstand the strong wind

not a feature in my garden, but the slipper looked good there nonetheless

 this bicycle wont be going anywhere far, or will it...

 one pot down...
two pots down...

a row of delphinium amongst some of the plants in the mixed border that was flattened by the wind

my newly planted hydrangea paniculata lost some of her limbs... sad...

unripe apples... maybe I could have them pickled

uprooted cypress

large-ish branch from the horse-chestnut tree

Well, what could I say,  
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned


  1. dilla suka umah kak muna ni
    banyak props chantek utk photography :-)

    1. thanks Dilla <3
      KakMuna pasti Dilla will find lots of things to photograph, and they will be awesome!