Thursday, 21 August 2014

Raya a la Kampung

A late entry. This event happened 3 days ago, and I'm being pedantic as usual :)

Whilst the rest of the world celebrates Eid for two days after the month-long Ramadhan, the Malaysians find it hard not to prolong the celebration... any excuse for a get-together is as good as any. So, 22 days into the month of Syawal, we're still at it!
But then again, there wasn't much celebration to begin with... Enough rambling, let's get on with the juicy bits

3 days ago, Elsa and I were invited to a Raya Kampung-stylie with Azah and her lovely daughter, Nadia

large conservatory-turned-dining area for the party

traditional kuih from Malaysia

Traditional food from south Malaysia - Johor, to be precise

kak Zahara making sambal kicap the old fashion way

my contribution to the dessert table - Courgette Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

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