Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Destination

The journey would have taken us 10 hours of straight driving but we decided to make a "slight" detour for an overnight-and-a-bit pitstop in London (that will be another story for another day)

We drove down south late in the afternoon and reached Exeter pretty late in the evening as we were stuck in traffic (outside London and Bristol). Just to throw a monkey wrench into the works, there was a slight kerfuffle with the accommodation bookings... oh, well what is life without a few hitches here and there...

Anyways, we made a fresh start the very next day and decided to visit Elsa's new home.
Since the freshers' week and student accommodation registrations only started the day after, we had a free day to roam around the university before the chaos started

Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Reed Hall

Peter Chalk Centre

Reed Mews and Wellbeing Centre

Great Hall

Exeter Northcott Theatre

Coincidentally, while we were there, they were filming a famous TV series.
This is not a police headquarters! :)

Actors busy at work
See if you can guess who they are and from what series this is...


  1. ahhh the second instalment ....I think I watched this series...tak ingat la pula~ Broadchurch???

    1. yup, betoi betoi...
      adegan behind the scene kami lagi happening!! :D