Friday, 24 October 2014

Chocolate Fudge with Salted Caramel

I enjoy baking!
As long as I can give them away, I'm alright to bake.
I haven't been baking for a considerable amount of time, reason being - I'm cursed (some say blessed) with immense fondness of everything sweet.
So having them in the house is an invitation to a disastrous liaison... it never ends well

Well, this bake ended with some guys who came to fix our faulty water pump and to MrD's colleague in the office. I did, however, keep some for my Elsa-Bear, who will be coming home for her week off from school.

Here's an easy one...

Pimp your favourite chocolate fudge cake recipe with dollops of homemade caramel

To make the caramel
Boil an unopened tin of condensed milk in a large saucepan for 2 1/2 hours, topping up the water from time to time.
Remove from heat and allow the tine to cool in water, before using

Use a teaspoon to add blobs of the boiled condensed milk all over the surface of the chocolate fudge.
Using a small knife, run it around in swirls for a marbled effect.

Sprinkle (sparingly!) sea salt over the caramel and bake!

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