Saturday, 25 October 2014

Out And About

Architecture and Morality

Dartington - Totnes - Exeter 

Just to quote the album title of one my favourite 80s bands "Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark"
This installment has everything to do with architecture and nature, and has absolutely nothing to do with morality - an idea of right and proper behavior - a subject best left to those in pursuit of engaging in higher intellect!
I'm happy just the way I am - got nothing to prove...

Now, back to the subject of architecture and nature -- as you all know by now (if not, you will in awhile) we've been doing some sightseeing down south lately. And, I must add, I am truly enchanted, smitten and down right head over heels in love with that part of the world.
Well, here are some tasters...


  1. Wonderful pictures! What a beautiful part of this world. So happy to have you around!
    All my best

    1. Likewise, Elisabeth! Love you blog... your photos are incredible!