Monday, 8 December 2014

Dinner Malaysian-Stylie

Over the weekend, we were invited to spend an evening of fun, 
food and laughter at the Gjerdingen's beautiful residence in Aberdeenshire.

The beautiful hostess/ chief cook/ hot mama and good friend, Azah and her husband Tore.

The Setting

The Starter:
Tauhu Sumbat
Roti Jala and Lamb Curry

The Main Course:

Pandan Chicken

Sambal Sotong
Sambal Ikan Bilis

Rendang Kerang
Sambal Udang
Fried Ikan Bilis

Baked Turbot

Baked Quails

Tore's Norwegian Kransekake (Almond Ring Cake)

Tore's Verdens Beste (World's Best Cake) I kid you not, that's what the cake is called!

Azah's Creamy Avocado and Chocolate Pudding

Pulut Serunding Kelapa

My small contribution to the dessert table:
Bingka Apple

and Ta Go Ka Noon

The happy guests :)

What a great evening!
Thank you Azah and Tore for being such gracious hosts and treating us so royally. 
We enjoyed everything, from the starter to dessert and everything in between and my face hurts from laughing so much. 
What more could we ask for?


  1. Amazing .. you can get all those stuff easily?
    And salute to the host, that is a lot of food!

    1. I know right, Rosdi... she's amazing! and, yes, it's pretty easy to find stuff here as there are a lot of Asian community here

  2. Hi Muna, boleh share resepi creamy avocado & chocolate pudding tu? nampak sedap

    1. Hi Mazlizah,
      I didnt make the pudding... not sure how she made it...