Friday, 23 January 2015

Garden Updates

Dreaming of Spring

Not an update - just harking back
Here are some photos of my garden last summer which didn't make the cut first time round

 The south-facing garden

the "semi-formal" area 
with buxus, variegated Euonymus, pussy-willow, roses

Bronze-leaf Begonia in pink, red and white

My mostly-foliage section
with bamboo, elder tree, skimmia

My sorry-looking hostas. Better luck next this year, I hope


  1. hi k.muna….jealous betul tgk taman u especially the roses. Huhu mine tak berbunga2 lagi since beli dr nursery last year.

  2. Oh my.. oh my.. no words to describe. Look at the bunch of roses byknyer putik.. thats enough for happiness of the day.

  3. Kalau I la ada garden and scenery mcm rumah Muna ni, I dare vouch that setahun sekali nak tinggal rumah pun payah. A melancholic guy like me suka habiskan masa kat rumah daydreaming....*sigh*!

  4. Subhanallah cantiknya halaman rumah kak Muna