Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Garden Updates - The Pump House & Draining Pond #2

We started of this year with 2 big-ish projects - 
draining of the Pond #2 
and building a shed to store the water pump.

Living in the country, we are pretty much self-sufficient for water.
Our water supply comes from our well in the field.
The well consist of a pump and filter enclosed in a small circular concrete.
Because of how it was, changing the filter is particularly difficult 
thus, we came up with the idea to demolish the concrete structure
and build a shed around the mechanism instead


 The finish shed ~
now known as the Pump House
all it needs is a good coat of bright-coloured paint!
 An ongoing project ~ draining of our second pond
The pond was not well made and it has become quite difficult to maintain. 
The area surrounding the pond is quite boggy because of poor drainage.
We decided to have it drained and covered over.
This will run its course over the following few months

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