Friday, 20 February 2015

Garden Updates

The weather has been unbelievably warm and nice for this time of year. 
So much so that it's okay to think that spring is here already!

Well, not so fast... 
Those sour grapes in the met office forecasted that things will change this weekend. Bah humbug!
The cold front will be coming back bringing with it wind and rain and perhaps some snow. 
No matter... we'll deal with it when it gets here.
In the meantime, I'm taking advantage of the fine weather we're having to the fullest.  I've had a very productive couple of days in the garden. 

First up, I changed the layout of the herbaceous border.
I had to transplant some plants, particularly my heucheras due to the rising water during the heavy downpour.  

The wet area between the row of trees and the perennials is now clear of any vegetation. 
Not so sure as to how to handle the problematic area at the moment

Next, I increase the flower bed surrounding the pussy willow. 
Looking forward to filling the area up with colourful annuals

Last thing I did before I called it a day - mow the lawn!
Yup, you read it right... nothing beats walking back and forth with my old mower
on a crisp, sunny winter's day
all it takes is one crazy, little lady from Malaysia to do the job...


and her side-kick, of course!

Finally, some signs o'life are starting to emerge from the garden.
Can't wait for spring to come!

the pond is looking good!


  1. Saya memang kagum dengan akak ni.Luar dalam rumah memang hebat. rumah yang besar dan laman yang besar mampu dikendalikan oleh akak sebersih dan secantik ni. Tabik saya...saya umah yg ciput pon tak terdaya nak dikendalikan. Suka saya follow blog akak...

    1. Salam Chevy,
      Terima kasih banyak-banyak. You are very kind indeed. Kak Muna memang lebih gemar mengurus rumah dan halaman sendiri daripada mengguna khidmat pembantu rumah. Tak kisah-la rumah besar atau ciput, yang penting kita bahagia dan harus bersyukur dengan anugerah Nya...betul, tak Chevy :)