Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Moon

Can't believe we're one month into the new year! How quickly the time passes!
47 days till spring... can't wait. My head is buzzing with ideas on how to improve the garden.
When I say improve, I mean the term loosely - I don't believe in planning, it takes away all the fun in gardening and in life, generally. It's hard when 2/3 of the family are great planners! "Random" should be my middle name

Speaking of random, we had very unpredictable weather today - one minute it was nice and sunny and next we had blizzard-like conditions. It went on throughout the day. I hope tomorrow's weather will be less confusing... can't promise I'll be the same!


  1. Yeah, agree in some ways, even though planned things will give u less headache but it will also give you less thrill and fun!

    1. yup, it takes all sorts to make the world go round!!