Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Garden Updates

Another back-breaking garden project
laying membrane and aggregates over waterlogged bedding


dug out some stones from the woodland area surrounding the old wells behind the house

bought two whiskey barrel and planted ornamental dwarf japanese cherry trees in each

waiting for the explosion of colours
herbaceous borders always look dead in winter and early spring
they evolved to survive harsh winters by dying right back to the ground 

poor Lolita...
she's recovering from a nasty viral infection
just got her appetite back after 4 days of not eating and drinking
got us all worried sick


  1. The garden won't look the same without Lolita in it;) i pray Lolita will be better soon and be her old self again...insyaAllah..bela kucing ni macam bela anak kan...kucing kita sakit kita risau...i feel you muna...we are cats' owner/servant too...

    Your garden is always looking wonderful...masyaAllah...


    1. Thank you Yatie,
      Alhamdulillah Lolita is back to her normal naughty self. She was given a cocktail of antibiotics and steroid jabs by the vet.
      Hopefully, she will make a full recovery, insya allah