Monday, 30 March 2015

Macaron in a Hurry

I am a rebel
I love breaking the rules (within reasons)
I don't incline to slave over tedious procedures
and making macarons is one of them

The last time I made them was more than 3 years ago ( I hate sticky fingers)
Yeah, you can say that I'm out of practice. 
But I decided to make them for a reason.

 So what didn't I do that you would normally do in making macarons, I hear you ask?
Well, for a start I didn't age the egg whites as normally prescribe - I used fresh egg whites
and the almond was not processed to a fine meal nor sifted as I don't really need the extra washing
No matter
though they didn't really come out a perfection, they tasted superb
especially coupled with the rich chocolate truffle innards

 I told you before I made them for a reason
and the reason is this...
My baby girl came home for her spring break!
and she loves macarons
even the wonky ones!


  1. wah cantik macarons Muna jeles lah kaknoor..

    1. terima kasih kak Noor
      toksah jeles, my macarons bengkang bengkok, good only for own consumption :D

  2. She so precious :-) and your macaron looks so yummmmmmy!

  3. Aik.. i thought I'd find the recipe if I keep scrolling down.. tapi tak de la pulak! Haven't tried baking any macarons before. Should try one day huh? Hmmm....

    1. tak boleh letak the recipe, 'cos still not quite right...ropa pun tak sempurna lagi :D