Monday, 9 March 2015

Pineapple and Salmon Roe in Spicy Coconut Curry

For this curry, I'm using my homemade lightly salted dried fish roe

To make salted salmon and cod roe:
Soak the roe overnight in a saltwater solution.
Remove from the solution and pat dry on paper towels.
Arrange on trays lined with kitchen paper or wire racks, making sure they don’t overlap.
Place them in a cool oven (about 45C - 60C)
or in AGA simmering oven (top left-hand side)for 24 hours. 
If using electric oven, leave the door slightly ajar.

Pineapple and Salmon Roe in Spicy Coconut Curry
recipe adapted from Puan Nooriah of Bicara KakNoor

1 piece salted salmon roe, cut into small-ish pieces
3 cups thick coconut cream
1 small pineapple, skinned and cubed
7 green thai bird chilis
3 red thai bird chilis
1 small knob of fresh turmeric root
3 asian shallots
1 lemongrass
1 fresh turmeric leaf
salt and a little sugar, if necessary

Using mortar and pestle, grind chilis, turmeric root and shallots.
In a large pan, over medium heat, simmer the coconut cream with the grounded ingredients.
Add lemongrass and turmeric leaf.
Let it gently simmer for about 15 minutes, making sure to stir the cream occasionally.
Add the roe and cubed pineapple and continue cooking for another 20 minutes.
Season to taste.


  1. sedapnya teloq ikannnn ni Muna kaknoor suka bangat niiii

    1. Lagi la sedap bila guna resipi kak Noor!
      Thanks for sharing the recipe, memang sedap!

  2. adoiii..sedapnyaa..sngat menggamit perasaan..hihihihi..telor ikan mmg my favs!.and the roses gaves me an inspiration..tengah mencari idea mewarna riben sebenarnya :-)..thank you for the lovely roses photo