Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Reflection (Guest Post)

They say, once you reach middle age; you tend to take stock and look back to reflect and see what impact you had on the world and the consequences of that impact.

I’d like to think that I am not at this point in my life but the years and my body tells me otherwise. In any case I guess its always good to check the direction that we’re heading and if that is still the way-forward. There were many decisions that was made through the years and quite a few What Ifs.

But if I had to reflect on my life, I think on balance I have been much blessed, and the main reason for that was having you in my life.

So on this day; the 28th year of our anniversary of being together, I can honestly say that having you agree to be a partner in my life and sharing the ups and downs  of what Life throws at us, I am stronger, happier, and more contented than I can ever be, than if I am on my own.

There were many forks on the road in my travel through Life, and I can only thank God that when it came to making the choice on that day 28 years ago; I did not hesitate to travel along the path that led me to you.

Life’s Reflection
by Hazzim Rahman
18th April 2015


  1. happy 28th anniversary to both. Moga di berkati Allah sentiasa, bahagia di dunia, akhirah hingga ke Jannah, In Shaa Allah

  2. Happy anniversary to both of you.

    Such a sweet posting untuk isteri terchenta..

    1. Thank you Ma, That was his surprise for me....priceless!!!