Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wild Geese

Family that waddles together
stays waddling together

While tending to my garden in the morning,
I spotted a family of wild Greylag geese 
slowly making their way across the field towards our pond.
They looked so nervous and seemed quite easily spooked 
Given this, I needed to move extra stealth-like to take these photos
of Ma and Pa Greylags and their 3 fluffy goslings.

Thank goodness Lolita was not a morning cat or all hell would definitely broke loose!


  1. Replies
    1. and extremely protective... better than some human :(

    2. Semua ni itik liar kan akak? Nampak macam rumah akak berpagar seluruhnya, camna depa masuk? Nampak macam jinak je? Kalau kat malaysia takkan jumpa itik liar gini terkedek-kedek depan orang, mesti kena tangkap jual terus.

    3. memang itik liar... setahun sekali they will breed kat kawasan rumah kakMuna. Memang seronok sangat tengok aksi anak-beranak ni :)