Monday, 4 May 2015

Garden Updates

Our latest garden projects

We erected two wooden arbours for the two small gates in our garden

These wooden frameworks will provide the structure to support my climbing roses.
To achieve this, I bought 4 bare-roots Getrude Jekyll roses - 
can't wait to see the area smothered with their deliciously scented delicate pink blooms


Next, we re-launched the Duck Motel into the pond 
after it was hauled ashore for some "maintenance work" and a paint job

Finally, probably our last "big" project for the year
a 10-feet circular planter cum roundabout 

We chose a 'Princeton Gold' Norwegian Maple
as the anchor tree simply because we needed something bright and cheerful
health and safety inspection provided by Lolita

I am giving this my approval and shall now use this as my toilet!
Keeping the colour scheme to just purple, lime green and pink
with Euphorbia cyparissias 'Fens Ruby', soft purple Scented Viola,
Dodecatheon 'Red Wings', Aquilegia 'Blue Barlow' and 'Florida'


  1. kAK MUNA.....
    cantiknya scenery umah kak muna ni
    Macam Little House On the Prairie
    Love it.... Owesome sangatttt

    1. aww... thanks Dila
      teringat the end credits when Laura Ingalls running amongst the wild flowers... so cute! :)