Friday, 15 May 2015

Vintage Finds

It was one of those days you set out not looking for anything in particular
but end up with something you don't really need, 
but you just got to have it or you'll find yourself thinking about it 
and kicking yourself when they're no longer in the shop.

Well, I found myself in that situation while out "window shopping" one  not-so-fine day.
The moment I stepped into the shop, my eyes quickly zoomed in on a dinner set for 6.
Well, the rest, I would say, is history - money changed hands, stuff got packed and brought to their new home... happy dance!

 I was told the set was produced some time in the 1950s by the Johnson Brothers
It has Cow Parsley flower and leaf design with lemon-yellow accents
 - if anyone knows me, they would know I love my china botanically-themed!
So far, my research had produce nothing on this particular design 
- probably not one their more famous design... but what the hey, I love them!


  1. Love them! They do have that element of quirkiness in the distorted handle style and the color is just pleasing. A lovely find they are, btw I love your china patterns. One thing that makes me love reading your blog :)

    1. awww... thanks Farah. You just made my day... :)